Information about the Bill Williams Mountain Radio Club and area repeaters 

Williams, Arizona (Grand Canyon)  

Helpful information for travelers to the Northern Arizona - Grand Canyon areas

K7NAZ 146.780- PL 91.5 with IRLP 3178


BWMRC membership application PDF

Bill Williams Mountain Radio Club IRLP Node 3178 / How to use most IRLP / IRLP Status / Find a node to connect to 

The brand new BWMRC 33cm repeater is part of the 902_HUB which is linked to Texas, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and to Southern California

Listen to the 902 Hub live through the internet. Slow to initial connect to server but dose work well. Click here to listen via other types of media players. Then click on speaker icon, select media player.







9300ft / Located a top Bill Williams Mountain linked to the 902_HUB  coverage to the Grand Canyon and Flagstaff. Other 900 repeaters linked to this at Prescott, AZ and on Mingus Mountain (see below)

Listing of repeaters connected to the 902 HUB  

Bill Williams Mountain Radio Club is affiliated with the Winsystem Intertie with many linked repeaters over the US and overseas. Coverage map of California  

Also the Winsystem is an open system located a top  Williams Mountain is 449.750- PL 123 elevation 9260 ft 

Streaming Audio  of the Winsystem  also LIVE streaming video and video achieve of the Winsystem breakfast gatherings

Please feel free check into the Win-system nightly insomniac net at 11:00 pm West Coast time (A simple trivia game played each night)   

  California Time

The Insomniac Net is held every night of the year (including holidays) and has been very popular for over 25 years.  Each night there is a different net control operator.  Generally, they have three or four trivia questions with 2 multiple choice answers.  Roll call of the regular night owl members is called, then a special call for visitors and guests is presented. Questions can be emailed to you a head of time by signing up at Click to join insomniac-net 

Many of the Winsystem repeaters are connected to Winsystem reflector 9100 If there is a IRLP repeater near your location just simply connect to 9100. The Winsystem is always looking for more affiliate repeaters to join up with the Winsystem. See if your radio club is interested in doing this or if you're an interested repeater control operator please contact the Winsystem.

List of Winsystem affiliate repeaters

Weather at Williams, AZ (near the Grand Canyon)


Click on Arizona flag for detailed weather information

  Arizona Time

The annual Amateur Radio Council of Arizona (ARCA) meeting and the Williams Hamfest are held in mid July at the Williams Rodeo Facility.  

Grand Canyon 2m at Hopi Point  147.32+ MHz  PL 91.5 Hz  WB6JAA / Echolink node 369463. Current status on echolink. Search any  echolink node status

APRS digi map for Northern Arizona from APRS FI

Get your ham license!  It is easy! It is practical, it is a lot of fun and you will meet a lot of very nice people who enjoy the hobby plus others who also enjoy community service when needed. Contact Harry Ober NQ7G of  the Bill Williams Mountain radio club or contact Verde Valley Radio club or the Yavapai Amateur  Radio club of Prescott, AZ  You can also contact the ARRL for information and the beginners guide book. Also many of the Winsystem can help you get your license. Gordon West also offer Radio School for any person skill level. Call 714-549-5000.

Find an Amateur Radio License Exam testing facility in your area. Also ham license test schedule at Prescott, AZ

BWMRC membership application PDF 

Things to see and do at the Williams and Grand Canyon areas

Who is Bill Williams ? Mountain man, trapper, scout, pioneer and more.

Google Map of Williams area  

Contacting the Bill Williams Mountain Radio Club

Club Trustee for the BWMRC
Harry A. Ober NQ7G
PO Box 333 Ash Fork, AZ, 86320-0333

James M. Hansen WB7WAR
1125 Stockman St Williams, AZ, 

Club membership dues are $20 per year. 

BWMRC membership application PDF

Contact Harry Ober listed above for club membership and for donations to the club

Coconino County Sheriff Office volunteers in Search and Rescue 

Coconino County Sheriff Office at Williams, AZ / Contact Number: (928) 635-4487 / Physical Address: 700 W Railroad Ave, Williams 86046 AZ

Other ham clubs in the area / upcoming hamfests for Arizona 

Air Museum ARC AI7MU  / Planes of Fame Museum near Williams (Grand Canyon-Valle Airport, hwy 64 at hwy 180) / QSL: Al Dunaway, N7AD, HC34 Box 55, Williams, AZ 86046

Coconino Armature Radio Club  of Flagstaff, AZ 146.980- MHz, PL 162.2

Coconino ARC meets monthly on the second Thursday of every month at the Law Enforcement Administration Facility (LEAF), 911 E. Sawmill Rd. Flagstaff at 7 p.m. (1900). Visitors are always welcome.

They have an ARES net every Wednesday evening at 1900 hrs (7:00pm). Contact Joe, W7LUX at 928-525-9222 or

Verde Valley Amateur Radio Association Cotton Wood - Camp Verde, AZ  147.220+ MHz, PL 162.2 Hz

Knobby Knee Net Meets daily, 365 days a year at 7:00 AM local time and is the regular net.

The Sunday evening  Net: Sunday evening at 7:00 PM local time  

Yavapai Amateur Radio Club of Prescott, AZ   146.880- MHz PL 100.0 Hz

A weekly net is held every Wednesday night at 1900 hours 7:00 pm

Yavapai County ARES/ RACES  with open repeaters on Mingus and Mt Union.

147.260+ MHz, PL 103.5  Hz  Mt. Union /  145.290- MHz, PL 127.3 Hz  Mingus Mountain   

Yavapai County ARES/RACES has a net each Monday evening at 1845 and 1900 hours local time.  The net meets on the 147.260+ Mt. Union repeater with a PL of 103.5 at 1845 hrs, and again at 1900 hrs on the 145.290- Mingus Mountain repeater with a PL of 127.3.Hz. The 145.290+ net on Mingus Mountain is the primary net.  The 147.260+ net is for those having trouble reaching the Mingus Mountain repeater.

Kingman area repeaters Hayden Peak 146.760- MHz  PL 131.8 Hz  N7SKO Kingman AZ (wide area coverage) linked to 147.160- MHz PL 131.8 Hz Hualapai Mountain and to 147.120+ MHz  PL 131.8  W6PNM Willow Beach (Hoover Dam) plus lists of other repeaters for the Kingman area and repeaters linked to Las Vegas.

Mohave Radio Club, Kingman, AZ  with exhaustive lists of area repeaters

Arizona Repeater Association with repeaters in Flagstaff. Listing of ARA repeaters

Listing of ARCA radio clubs for Arizona

North American Repeater Directory

ARRL affiliated radio clubs of Arizona

QRZ  international data base for looking up call sign information

NOAA Weather Radio for the Grand Canyon  162.475,  Prescott on Minugs Mtn 162.525,   Flagstaff on Mt Elden 162.400  

NOAA Weather 7 day forecast for Williams AZ


Arizona data base of repeaters by counties. AZ repeaters dot net


North-Central Arizona 2-Meter Repeaters

Call Location Output Freq Input Shift PL
K7YCA Mingus Mountain / ARES-RACES  /  Prescott, AZ 145.290 Minus 127.3
KA7IOG Squaw Peak Verde 145.330 Minus 156.7
W7QHC Wildflower Mtn / Crown King  145.350 Minus 162.2
K7NAZ Bill Williams Mountain Radio Club / Williams - Grand Canyon 146.780 Minus 91.5
W7YRC Prescott, AZ / top of  Willow Creek Road on KNOT radio tower / serving greater Prescott / Yavapai ARC 146.880 Minus 100.0
W7MDY Mount Ord   / Wide area coverage including Phoenix and can be heard in much of central Arizona  / Arizona Repeater Association 146.920 Minus 162.2
W7ARA Mount Elden / Flagstaff area coverage / Arizona Repeater Association  146.980 Minus 162.2
KB7CN Mingus Mountain  / Mingus Mtn Rptr Grp 147.000 Plus 100.0
W7ARA Mount Elden  /  Linked repeater to Mt Ord  147.360- PL 162.2  wide area coverage into Phoenix / Arizona Repeater Association  147.140 Plus 162.2
WB6RER Hualapai Mountain (Potato Patch) 7000ft   / east of  Kingman, AZ /  Hualapai Amateur Radio Club 147.160 Plus 131.8
W7EI Mingus Mountain  / Verde Valley ARC  with echolink for club members only /  node  483247 /  echolink node status 147.220 Plus 162.2
K7YCA Mount Union  / ARES RACES  / Prescott / wide area coverage  147.260 Plus 103.5
N7SKO Haulapai Mtn / Kingman  / Linked  to Bullhead - Laughlin, NV Spirit Mtn 145.270- 131.8 wide area coverage and linked to Willow Beach (Hoover Dam) 147.120+ Pl 131.8  146.760 Minus 131.8
W7MDY Mount Ord / ARA /  North East of Phoenix / wide area coverage and linked to 147.140+ PL at Flagstaff on Mt Elden  147.360 Plus 162.2

North-Central Arizona 1.25-Meter Repeaters

Call Location Output Freq Input Shift PL
WA7JC Mount Union 224.080 Minus 156.7

North-Central Arizona UHF  70-Centimeter Repeaters

Call Location Output Freq Input Shift PL
K7NAZ Bill Williams Mountain  9200 ft / BWMRC / Winsystem affiliated repeater / Part of a nation wide linked repeater system / repeater list 449.750 Minus 123
WA7UID Mingus Mountain / Cotton Wood - Sedona / Part of Northlink System / linked to Phoenix, Flagstaff, Smith Peak  442.150+ Plus 100
W7ARA Mt Elden / Flagstaff 448.475- Plus 100
W7ARA Mt Elden / Flagstaff 448.875- Minus 100
N7SKO (Haulapai Mtn, Kingman area) is linked to 146.760- pl 131.8  Kingman, AZ

and also is linked to Bullhead - Laughlin, Nevada (Spirit Mountain) 145.270-  PL 131.8 wide area coverage

and is also linked to the Las Vegas areas of

448.075-     PL 127.3   WN9ANF On Top Fitzgerald Hotel LV

448.500-     PL 100.0   K7UGE On Top Tropicana Hotel  LV

449.200-     PL 114.8   KI7D Angel Peak   

and is also linked to 147.390+  no PL and to 147.330+ PL 100 W7YDX both of Elko, NV area.

448.250- Minus 131.8
WB7EVI Towers Mountain 449.175 Minus 100.0
WA7JC Mingus Mountain   Prescott/ Cotton Wood / Sedona/ Verde Valley 449.725 Minus 110.9

North-Central Arizona  (902)  33-Centimeter Repeaters 

Call Location Output Freq Input Shift PL
WB7BYV   Mingus Mountain / 7800 ft / NE of Prescott / Part of the 902 HUB linked to TX, NEV, Oregon, Washington and Southern California  927.0875 902.0875 151.4  
WB7BYV Prescott, AZ / 6000 ft / Part of the 902 HUB linked to Texas, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Southern California  927.3875 902.3875 151.4  
WB7BYV Williams AZ/  9300 ft / BWMRC / Part of the 902 HUB linked to Texas, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Southern California  927.0750 902.0750 218.1
KF7EZ Towers /  Crown King / Prescott / ADAM L HUMIECKI of  Surprise, AZ  927.2875 902.2875 151.4
N7TWW Flagstaff, AZ /  Mount Elden / Sponsor  FHART  /  linked to Pinal Pk, Globe, AZ on same frequency pair 927.8375 902.0750 151.4 
K7RLW Kingman, AZ /  Mohave County Repeater Assoc




K7RLW Kingman, AZ /  Mohave County Repeater Assoc / linked to MCRA network / 146.940- No PL  Kingman  927.6125 902.6125 D411

LISTING OF ALL 902 MHz REPEATERS  33-Centimeter 

North-Central Arizona 6-Meter Repeaters

Call Location Output Freq Input Shift PL
N7NGM Mount Union 52.560 52.060 100.0

North-Central Arizona 2-Meter Simplex Frequencies

Call Location Output Freq Input Shift PL
  Simplex-1 146.500    
  Simplex-2 146.580    
  Simplex-3 147.500    

North-Central Arizona Packet Frequencies

UNION       K7YCA-1   145.010 MHz

UNION2     K7YCA-2   145.710 MHz (UNION and UNION2 are hardwired together

K7YCA-10                    145.010 RMS Packet Gateway Station in Prescott

ELDEN       W7MOT-8  145.010 (located on Mt. Elden near Flagstaff)

W7LUX-10                    145.010 RMS Packet Gateway Station in Flagstaff

WHTNKS   W7MOT-6  145.710 MHz (located on White Tanks West of Phoenix)

NěDAJ-10                     145.710 RMS Packet Gateway Station located in Congress (September thru May)

APRS       VHF              144.390 / I-gate Prescott KE7GM-1  / Prescott on Mt Union / Ashfork N4SVD / W7MOT-8 Flagstaff / Mingus Mtn/ Squaw Peak  

APRS       VHF              144.390 / Hayden Kingman, AZ/ 

APRS       UHF              445.925  / I-gate Prescott, AZ  KE7JGM-2  / White Tanks, W7MOT-4,  Phoenix  MARCA / Pinal Mtn  W7ARA-3  Phoenix

APRS       UHF              445.925  / I gate Chandler, AZ KB7KFC-2 / Smith Pk / Mount Ord W7MOT-11

Arizona listing of all repeaters

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6 - Meter
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2 - Meter
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1.25 - Meters
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70 - Centimeter
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33 - Centimeter
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23 - Centimeter
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Packet Systems
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Combined Band Listings
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Type Codes O = open
C = closed or private
A = autopatch
CA = closed autopatch
PL = Sub audible Tone Access
P = packet
E = emergency power
L = Linked to another radio or radios. File one application for each transmitter.
R = races or similar
RM = Remote Base
TV = television
LINK = A point to point link

Listings prefaced with a * are pending coordination's.

Repeater listings are from the:

Arizona Repeater Owners Frequency Coordination Committee
a subcommittee of the
Amateur Radio Council of Arizona

Public Service


Information for the Williams State Hamfest from ARCA

Map of Williams Rodeo Grounds Map
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Flyer Event Schedule/Activities
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